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    “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.”


    You are ready to let go of what no longer serves you well.

    You are ready to set an intention to heal from your trauma. This will take time and energy. In quiet moments you get glimpses of how life might be very different were you able to heal and get out to the other side of your trauma.

    I want you to imagine for a moment how you might be different if you were healed. How might you see yourself in a different mirror? What would your relationships look like? How would you spend your time and energy? What might you do that you are now unable to do? Imagine this! I am here to reassure you that change IS possible! That healing IS possible! Be NOT afraid!

    Together, we can change your life!


    If your schedule doesn’t allow for weekly or bi-weekly BSP sessions, BSP Intensives can give you the opportunity to get relief and change in less time with more focused attention. As a Trauma Therapist, I know sometimes it is more effective and convenient to focus in on your healing in an intensive manner. To meet this need, I offer 2-day BSP Intensives in the same week on Tuesday and Thursday and 4-day BSP Intensives on Tuesday and Thursday during two separate weeks. The BSP Intensives are highly focused and in-depth.

    BSP Intensives are designed to help you focus with depth on healing your trauma. BSP Intensives are centered on specific treatment goals. To this end, together we co-create a Treatment Plan that zeros in on your particular trauma needs, so that you can reclaim your life, in your timeframe, and on your terms!

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