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    Offering Telehealth Trauma Therapy & Counseling in New Mexico

    March is a time of transition: we are moving out of one season and into another. It holds the promise of new growth. Some of us have realized  that we still have areas of our life journey to heal; trauma is stored in our bodies and it can debilitate us at a moment’s notice. We feel it in our bodies, in our relationships, in our brains, in our minds, and in our spirits.

    If you are struggling with ongoing depression symptoms, anxiety, panic, sleep challenges, eating disorders, Religious Trauma, relationship issues, or just plain feeling overwhelmed, please reach out today. We are here to help you move your life forward!

    Neuroscience tells us we can transform trauma, when we use the right kind of somatic-based trauma therapies that access our traumas which are stored in our bodies. We can get unstuck and heal. Our systems just need the best tools to be restored. You do NOT need to live in survival mode! You CAN transform your pain and learn how to make a life worth living!

    If you are suffering and feeling stuck, please reach out to us. We can help you. Please click on the contact buttons at the bottom of this page. We offer a Complimentary 15 minute consultation via phone. We hope to hear from you soon!


    If you are in a CRISIS, you have OPTIONS:

    1. You can call NM Crisis Line at: 1 855 662 7474;

    2. You can call 988, our national mental health & suicide hotline; or ,

    3. Call 911

    4. You can take yourself to the nearest Emergency Room for Psychiatric services. 

    Once you are stabilized, you may feel free to reach out to us for trauma specific therapy.

    “The wound is where the light enters.” Rumi


    Offering Online Trauma Recovery Life Coaching
    Interstate/ USA & International

    About Ava Dasya Rasa

    Welcome! I’m Ava Dasya Rasa, MSW, MA, LCSW-C. I am a Transpersonal Neuro-Psychotherapist and the Founder & CEO of Dragonfly Trauma Counseling Center, LLC. I am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, a Certified Brain Spotting Trauma Therapist and a Trauma-Sensitive Certified Mindfulness Therapist (MBRP). I am intensively trained in EMDR, Grief & Bereavement Recovery, DBT, and Somatic Attachment Therapy. I have extensive training and experience in Contemplative Spirituality & Renewal and Religious Trauma.  I earned two graduate degrees: a Masters in Social Work and a Master of Arts in Theology. In addition, I hold a graduate Certificate from Vanderbilt Divinity School in Religion, Gender, and Sexuality. I help you heal from trauma, using limbic system therapies, supported and informed by adjunct therapies, such as: Depth Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and Grief Recovery. Please reach out today!

    Dragonfly Trauma Counseling Center is dedicated in memory of my beloved mother, who survived many traumas in this life with resilience and learned to flourish through visible kindness, simple joy, and heartfelt gratitude.