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    Somatic Attachment Therapy

    “Our basic blueprint as humans is connection and bonding — sometimes we just need the right support at the right time to find our way back home.” – Dr. Scott Lyons

    Why Does Attachment Matter?

    Somatic Attachment Therapy attends the way a person has formed relational connection and intimate bonds with themselves (embodiment), others, and their environment. Depending on our earliest experiences of attachment, we form different kinds of attachment, including: secure, anxious, and avoidant. Our early attachment experiences influence our present day relationships, personal and professional, our levels of stress response, and how we treat others and ourselves.

    “Relationships can inspire our deepest sense of connection, joy and belonging– both to ourselves and others. They can also provoke our deepest insecurities, pains, and disconnection.” – Dr. Scott Lyons

    What is Attachment Trauma?

    It is a wounding or injury that impedes our ability to feel safe and secure relational connections. Attachment trauma occurs as early as in the womb, in childhood, inter-generationally, when we experience relational ruptures, and when we are overwhelmed and our primal responses are challenged. Symptoms touch us emotionally, psychologically, physically, and relationally. Attachment wounding disrupts us. It leaves us feeling helpless, insecure in our whole being, body, and mind. It impedes our ability to be present in the here and now.

    What is Somatic Attachment Therapy?

    Somatic Attachment Therapy is a body-oriented, holistic approach to healing attachment trauma. Are you ready to heal your attachment trauma? Are you ready to embark on a compassionately transforming journey that will change your wounding into meaningful, deep relational connections with yourself and others? Are you ready to explore the deeper layers of experience?

    Somatic Attachment Therapy focuses on the intersection of the physiological, neuro-biological, and the psychological components of attachment. It is a therapy that attends below the surface of language into the area of the brain, the limbic system, that holds our implicit and emotional memory. We accompany clients through somatic experiences using skills involving breath, energy, and movements that allow us to foster a felt sense of safety, security, trust, self-knowledge, and the capacity for joy. In the process, we heal shame, perfectionism, and self-esteem.

    If you think you might want to explore Somatic Attachment Therapy, please reach out. I offer a Complimentary 15 minute consultation. Let’s connect to see how I might help you on this path.