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    Psychological & Diagnostic Evaluations & Crisis Intervention

    Written Diagnostic Evaluations Include:

    • Psychological Screening, Interviewing, Clinical  & Psychometric Testing & Assessments, Psychopharmacology considerations, Evaluation with Diagnostic Criteria, Crisis Counseling, Psychotherapy, including Psychoeducation and practical skills;

    • What are Clinical and Psychometric Testing and Assessments? Clinical and Psychometric Testing and Assessments are a standard and scientific way to measure individuals’ mental capabilities and behavioral style. These Clinical and Psychometric Testing and Assessments are widely used in legal contexts to help determine the outcome of legal cases. These tools can aid in assessing parental fit for child custody purposes, can affect the outcomes of disability proceedings, and can even help judges determine whether an offender should go to prison, remain incarcerated, or be exempt from the death penalty.

    • Diagnostic and Dispositional recommendations for the Court; testimony if requested by the Court.

    • Rate: $400 for 90 minutes; any additional documentation review will be billed at $65 per 15 minutes.