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    Depth Psychotherapy, Spirituality Renewal & Religious Trauma

    What is Depth Psychotherapy?

    Depth Psychotherapy refers to the process of bringing to light those parts of the self that have been hidden in the unconscious parts, which are often difficult to surface. As a therapeutic orientation, it is generally less solution-focused, linear, or prescriptive than one might expect (or hope) therapy to be. Rather, it is a journey that evolves as trust with the therapist and oneself deepens, and a growth process that unfolds over time. Depth Psychotherapy is more holistic, and examines all aspects of a person’s life, including dreams, art, fantasies, and conscious thoughts. 

    Spirituality Renewal

    “Spirituality is the conscious awareness of and connection to the sacred, something deeply within us and all of creation and with something altogether beyond our immediate selves.” excerpt from Ava Dasya’s book, TRANSFIGURATION 30 Meditations Inspired by Transforming Trauma & Spirituality.

    In collaboration with Ava Dasya, you listen deeply to your feelings, thought, body sensations, all of which offer valuable insights into parts of your inner psyche, or soul-self. As you journey into the depths of your interior landscape, you will discover wisdom and connection to the deepest places in yourself. The therapeutic relationship becomes a safe space in which you can critically explore your spirituality.

    For those of you who want to integrate your existing spirituality experiences into your therapy, Ava Dasya is highly trained and experienced working with many spiritual paths and faith-based spiritualities. These include: Catholic, Christian, Judaism, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Native/Indigenous, Sikh, and more. Spirituality is about a person’s meaning and purpose, as it connects head and heart and mind and soul at their depths. 

    Religious Trauma 

    For those of you who have experienced Religious Trauma, Ava Dasya is highly skilled in working with people who were raised in a high control, high demand, punitive, shaming, and purity culture religious contexts. Brainspotting and parts work is one of Ava Dasya’s Trauma modalities for attending Religious Trauma.  If you feel ruptured by the Religious Trauma of your upbringing, Ava Dasya is here to companion and guide you in deconstructing and reconstructing your spiritual experience with self and the divine. 

    If you feel drawn to plumbing the depths of your inner world, unearthing both your authentic self and your spirituality, or if you yearn to repair the rupture of Religious Trauma, then we invite you to encounter the deeper waters of the mystery of your soul! Ava Dasya is a wise guide you to companion you on your hero’s journey! 

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    “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”
     ―  Julian of Norwich